Safety Protocol

We have a SAG wagon who is out on the course each week.
We select each route carefully, thinking of our runner’s safety.
Our water stops are staffed with people who can be there for you.
We encourage you to wear bright clothing, reflections and/or lights.

We are following the state and local covid-19 guidelines unless there is a facility that has different regulations.
  • We are requiring masks while indoors at Run Camp
    • If you cannot wear a mask due to medical reasons, please wait outside for your team.
  • You should not come to Run Camp if:
    • You have a fever
    • You do not feel well enough to run
    • You are currently in isolation due to:
      • Close contact exposure
      • A positive Covid test
    • You have tested positive for Covid and are still having symptoms
    • You have tested positive for Covid and are less than 5 days from symptom onset
    • You are awaiting the result of a Covid test
  • Please contact us directly if you have specific questions about these policies or about specific Covid concerns
Kalamazoo County Information